The fiverr Invitation

The message below is from a successful UK-based designer and YouTube influencer, Will Patterson, who found my work on Will also works with Fiverr on project reviews from designers given the same tasks and comparing solutions, rates, and procedures.

Will invited me and a few others to design a website around a faux brand and strategy to produce for one of these video productions for Fiverr.
My messages to and from William revealed he is not only an individual dedicated to the advancement of the cultural benefits of design, but a very authentic, no BS kind of person.
Fiverr made the decision to cut funding on the project, so it won’t be aired. However, Will expressed his enthusiasm in including me the next time such an opportunity presents itself. It’s important to note that this is not a contest per se, but a chance for aspiring designers to learn how to advance their careers.

Will Patterson-
Logo Designer

Hi! Hope you’re well! 

I love your work and just wanted to reach out to see if you’re interested in creating a prototype of a website for a fictitious brand called ‘PROTOTYPE’ this would be in collaboration with Fiverr as part of a series of YouTube videos I’m creating for them. We’ve had the logo created by a seller in the previous video which will go live this week on the channel, but it will work in a similar style to this video I did a few months ago (for context) 

I will compare your website prototype/mockup with other Fiverr sellers taking part and share my thoughts on the work in a video on my channel! It’s all done in a positive way and is generally both fun and informative! As a note – I will be sharing your seller information such as name, country and cost as well as conversation we have on here if needed as part of the video – this is both for context and to make sure people are able to find you if they like your work and would like to buy a gig from you after seeing the video – but if you don’t want to take part that’s absolutely fine – feel free to not reply or just reply with a ‘no thank you’ and no offence will be taken, I know some people don’t want their work shared in this way and that’s totally fine! 

If you would like to be part of the video just let me know and I will get you paid and send over the assets for the logo to be part of the website prototype as well as send over some more specifics about it too as needed! 

Cheers, Will 🙂


Nov 30, 10:53 AM

Company name: PROTOTYPE

Slogan: Be your type.

Company information:

PROTOTYPE is a new start-up streetwear brand based in London selling practical yet cutting edge fashion. A lot of the clothing is uni-sex and there is a real emphasis on the urban city-style blended with the new, fresh fashion trends.

Currently operating online and through pop-up shops in Soho, Mayfair and Kensington, PROTOTYPE is expected to grow internationally and extend their reach to Berlin, Paris, Stockholm and more with permanent shops and cheap international shipping.

Their signature piece of clothing is the Instagram famous oversize camouflage dungarees (with pockets) which has been featured on many Influencer’s accounts.

The typical buying age is 18-26

The company doesn’t currently have any specific associated colours other than the camouflage.

The website:

We a looking for a really clean, minimal style website with some bright and vibrant splashes of colour to really catch the eye.

The home page is the most important where we would like to see key information about the company and where we currently operate.

It would be brilliant to have a ‘buying’ page where we can see what it would look like to potential customers to purchase online

It would also be great to have something a little bit quirky too, this is completely open to interpretation, but you have as much free reign as you like!

If you have any questions or would like to know any specific information please do just ask and I will get back to you! And I will also send the assets over too for the logo!

Thanks again for working with me on this, I’m so excited to see what you create!

Will 🙂

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