Visuals may be the media through which I work, however, collaboration is the heart of my interests. The cooperation of design makes it even more enjoyable. I am a brand ID and graphic designer, a web designer and exhibit designer. Design is problem solving. Great design is the process through which new inventions emerge.

I earned a BS degree in Business Marketing from The University of Dayton and began my career in the 3D illustration industry. My focus was customer service and sales for architects, product designers, design faculty, and motion picture digital animators. I illustrated our software capabilities at major high-tech trade shows throughout the U.S. and was exposed to cutting edge digital technologies year after year.

My interest in virtual places led me toward building spaces for trade show exhibits, and so I was hired by Skyline Exhibits in 2005 as the sole designer in the Central Ohio market. Our local Columbus office grew from 1M in annual revenue to over 7M in less than 10 years. It was a notably impressive team effort, however, during 2020, Covid-19 halted travel and thus the trade show industry precipitated. And it was then I decided to join the investment banking graphic presentation business where I am gratefully challenged in new ways.

I am a dog person, a dessert enthusiast, and a lover of all things comedic. I am also an amateur musician with a focus in jazz guitar.

Send me a note via email or phone if you would like to discuss any design project you might be considering. I will be happy to answer any questions you might have.